Perfly is one of the fast-growing badminton brands. We, at Perfly, create a range of sports equipment and apparel for badminton enthusiasts like you. At Perfly, we are inspired to develop the best product, and our source of inspiration is your love for the sport. We want you to feel happy and energetic at the court and we help you by developing the products that satisfy your needs.

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Perfly Shoes

Studies have shown that a lot of injuries are related to the wrong choice of shoes. Over 90% of back problems are foot-related. This is why it is important to wear the right pair of shoes while playing badminton. Perfly shoes offer you comfortable shoes that provide excellent grip, flexibility, breathability, and cushioning.


Perfly Rackets

Badminton racket is a player’s closest companion. It braves the blood, sweat, tears, good, bad, hot and cold with its owner, and a good badminton racket not only compliments your playstyle but can also help you enhance the quality of your techniques to levels you never knew were possible. This is why we at Perfly pay keen attention to all your needs while designing the perfect racket for you.

Perfly shuttle bats are designed for amateur badminton players looking for a forgiving and easy-to-handle racket.

Our badminton racket is very versatile, offering ease of handling and comfort during play. It is perfect for improvers playing regularly at a club.


Perfly Tshirts:

When you’re at the court, it is important to feel comfortable in your apparel. For ease of movement, Perfly Tshirts are designed for you to be at the top of your game. Perfly T-shirts dries sweat quickly and keeps you comfortable as they are light in weight and offers freedom of movement. The synthetic knitting component absorbs unpleasant sweat quickly and the one-piece mesh yoke on each side of the T-shirt boosts the ventilation.




We, at Perfly, love badminton. We love the sound, we love the fast rallies, we love being together on the court, we love being together off the court...Just like you do. 


Therefore, we want all badminton lovers like you to be able to enjoy high-quality products at an unbeatable price for all levels. 


That’s why our players in Perfly team are: curious, bold, and passionate. They listen, observe, and investigate to provide you performance, beauty, and joy at the court.


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