Squash it up!

Squash is a wonderful game to help build stamina, and to improve concentration. A good racket, a bouncy ball, great flooring, perfect game partners, all make a significant difference to the quality of the play. When it comes to squash, the accessories are readily available online and can be utilised as per requirement.

Questions which help you decide

How to enhance the power of a racket? Should I improve the grip of the racket or work on the tension of the strings? Protective gear, like squash glasses, is also necessary to be considered when you are setting up your squash kit.

A wide range to choose from

Wondering how to assess the equipment and make a worthwhile buy? Squash online shopping at Decathlon Sri Lanka is fulfilling when you look for sports equipment and accessories. We have a wide range of rackets, squash grips, overgrips, wristbands, balls, and other squash equipment, online. Sri Lanka stocks a wide range of squash accessories only at Decathlon.

Top Features

Purpose: It is essential to understand the purpose of the accessory before purchasing it. To improve the quality of the racket, one can look at the squash strings, and determine whether the head of the racket is good.

Type: When it comes to accessories, they are of different kinds and can be made from multiple types of material. It's advisable to be clear about what you are looking for.

Playability: The playability that comes with each different accessory will vary from one person to another. So it is important to understand our style, before looking for enrichments.

Avail accessories and gear for squash online, and get ready for an exciting game full of bounce, energy and speed!


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