Table tennis

Fun sessions of table tennis every day!

Which is the best of the games that can be played indoors in sri lanka , and yet make you work up a sweat! Table-tennis, without a doubt! Table tennis requires less space in comparison to other sports, and the table can be accommodated in a regular room or a semi-closed verandah. Buy table tennis tables online, for both indoor and outdoor purposes, where you have enough options to choose from.

Questions which help you decide

The first thing to consider is if you have sufficient space to accommodate a table tennis table as well as play comfortably. Also, a lot depends on whether you're a beginner or an experienced player. If you are an experienced player, you would already know enough about what you need. However, if you're still a beginner, it is advised do some research on what you need.

A wide range to choose from

Decathlon stocks a huge variety, with table-tennis equipment which suits different needs and expertise levels. It is easy to make an informed choice when there are so many options, with their features clearly listed out.

Top Features

Size: If you're an expert, you'd want a table of advanced level. If the room is small, or just a basement or garage, and if your purpose is to play merely for entertainment, then a simple table will suffice.

Specific needs: If the table is required for a school in sri lanka, or for a serious player, then one needs to look at a professional table. If the table is for tournament players, then the range available is entirely different and unique.

Features: Tables are available in various models, depending on the requirement. The thickness of the table can vary. Consider, also, the width of the legs of the table for stability. The playback mode enables players to practice independently.

All of these features can be incorporated in your needs for a table tennis table, which can be researched about, and purchased online from


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