Bodybuilding is one of the best workouts when it comes to transforming your body. It keeps both your mind and body fit. And the right kind of equipment can take your workout session to the next level. Explore a range of equipment you can use for bodybuilding, at Decathlon Sri Lanka.


Home Gym:

We all acknowledge the importance of a regular gym routine to stay fit but hitting the gym regularly is often challenging due to various reasons. This is where home gym equipment comes to the rescue. Now you can create your own gym at home by this home gym set available in Decathlon Battaramulla best prices of fitness.

  • WEIGHT TRAINING TRICEPS ROPE - We design pull up ropes that are durable. It is an excellent accessory for doing exercises to sculpt your arms and abs at home.
  • COMPACT WEIGHT TRAINING HOME GYM - Need support during your weight training sessions? Let the home gym help you. Discover a wide range of exercises for safe workout sessions. We design compact machines that offer stability, adjustability, flexibility, and easy assembly/dismantling.  

Gym Bench:

The art of bodybuilding has benefited largely from benches. You can, without any hassle, order fitness equipment, with a single click. Our abdominal fitness benches enable non-stressful fitness training and can be folded away after your workout. 

Want to work on your pecs from every angle? Flat, inclined, declined, our sturdy bench with openwork backrest allows you to comfortably work on your pecs and abs.

Top Features:

  • ·Incline: The group of muscles to be worked out can be decided, with respect to the fitness bench we opt for, based on its incline features.
  • ·Types: Weight training, fitness and abdominal training demand specific fitness benches, or bench modifications. Various sizes of training belts and abdominal belts can be used for powerlifting.
  • ·Ease of Movement: An ease of movement in benches with safety features, allows for a smooth and effective workout. Domyos has worked towards designing fitness equipment that not demand any maintenance even after prolonged use.
  • ·Leg Extension: A wide range of leg extension equipment with ideal cushioning, lets you work on your hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles.
Weight Training Squat Rack:
For weight training with weights, dumbbells, and multi-gyms, we design Training Squat Racks - A complete weight training gym in just one product! You can safely perform squats, chin-ups, pulley hauls (high/low) and bench presses with this one rack. Our squat rack offers durability, versatility, flexibility, and compatibility.

Pull Up Bars:

Pull-up is a classic bodyweight exercise that is great for working on your upper body and the same can be done easily at home with our Pull up Bars. It is quick and easy to install due to its tension installation system. It comes with overhand and underhand grips plus knee lifts to work on the abs. It is durable and can be stored easily under your bed or in a closet.



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