Hiking and Trekking

Hiking as a sport has observed an increased interest in practice in recent times. We at Decathlon Sri Lanka, have forever been in love with the Mountains. With our 20 years of expertise, we have developed an entire range of hiking essentials. Essentials such as backpacks, shoes and hiking apparel, are key requirements for a good hiking experience. Explore an entire range of our hiking products, conceived and designed for the mountains.

Rain Jacket and Pants

Hiking during the rainy season is fun and adventurous. But it could be difficult if you are not in the right apparel. There is a chance of you falling sick, and that could spoil your overall experience. This is why our waterproof rain jackets, raincoats and rain pants are designed to protect you from the rain and the wind.

The jacket’s stretchable fibre provides freedom of movement and waterproof pockets keep your small, important items secure with you. It comes with 30 cm side openings and components that wick away perspiration. 

Our waterproof rain pants provide breathability and come with an eco-design for the reduction of water use. 

Hiking bags and backpack:

There are basically 4 major types of backpacks associated with different kinds of activities depending on their carrying capacity. The 22L backpacks are more suitable for light strolls on flat or low hills. Hiking bags ranging between 20 to 40L can be opted for walking in the mountains. For long-distance trekking, the ideal capacity would be 50 to 70L trekking bags which can carry things to hold you out for several days. Then there are the Duffel bags which range between 40 to 120L, designed for hikers who need support to move their belongings between stages during a hike, basically a practical way to transport heavy hiking equipment. 

Hiking Shoes:

When you are hiking in the mountains, you are often dealing with narrow paths and uneven surfaces. This is why we have made it our priority to protect your feet from all sorts of obstacles.

Hiking Shoes offer a firm grip, comfort, and protection. The rubber stone guard protects your toes from forceful impact with its durable material. The upper of the shoes protect your feet from rocky surfaces around the foot. And the sole of our shoes has a foam layer along the foot that provides good absorption and isolation against the roughness of the terrain.

Hiking T-shirts and Pants

Hiking T-shirts are soft, comfortable, and lightweight. You can wear it for days while you're hiking. Hiking Pants can be worn if you expect any drop in temperature or heavy vegetation along the trail. Hiking pants protect your legs from poisonous plants on the way such as poison ivy or other allergenic plants, and keep you warmer when the temperature drops as you gain elevation.

Hiking Fleece:

We design hiking fleece to protect you from the cold during your occasional mountain walks. Being an essential at a very small price, it is simple, lightweight, breathable and compact. 

Hiking Tents:

We design tents that can be carried by backpackers because they are sufficiently light. They can be carried for long distances on a bicycle, boat, or even on a person's back. Quechua tent online Sri Lanka brings you a tent for every requirement. Whether you're planning a family camping holiday or you're a frequent camper with often changing campsites. The different types of tents include backpacking tents, tents for family camping meant for 4 to 6 people. Then there are instant and dome tents which are perfect for 2 to 3 people.

Hiking Furniture:

We design furniture for convenience and travel. They are lightweight and can fold into compact forms facilitating transport and storage. The convenience which comes along with foldable furniture is worth the mention. They can be easily placed in your car or carried around in your apartment. They are extremely user-friendly, mobile and a perfect choice for hiking expeditions.



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