Shop online for all your cricketing needs. Decathlon Sri Lanka FLX offers an extensive range of cricket bats- tennis ball cricket bats and leather ball cricket bats, kashmir willow cricket bats, english willow cricket bats, starting at Rs. 190.

Our cricket clothing is designed to keep you feeling cool under the hot sun! With quick dry and ultra soft material, you won’t have to take a break to re-fresh. FLX Cricket whites are made with mesh finish for that extra breathability and comfort.

Decathlon FLX Cricket Kit is certified for highest Safety. Designed for super impact protection and flexibility. Explore cricket gloves, cricket wicket keeping gloves, cricket pads, cricket helmet, cricket thigh guard, cricket arm guard & cricket chest guard. Explore to find every cricket gear you need to get you ready for your next match!

At, FLX we have taken into consideration not only a bowler’s need for customized cricket shoes but the batsman and fielder as well. FLX Cricket shoes, designed for hard ground, made for stability.

FLX cricket field accessories include a range of sturdy wooden stumps, plastic stumps in bright yellows and red for those late evening matches and wooden cricket bails.

You can find all the decathlon cricket Best Cricket Accessories, Helmets, Pads,  Ball guards and Cricket Bats in sri lanka!



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