Splash into a full swim experience! Whether it is getting into the pool for the first time or training for competitive swimming, there is a complete range of swimming accessories, swimming trunks and swimming costumes that can make your time in the pool more fulfilling and enjoyable. Select from a wide choice of swimming accessories like swimming goggles, swimming costumes, swimming trunks, swimming caps and swimming footwear plus more in our swimming section, so you can maximise your enjoyment in the pool. Check out our swimwear ranging from full coverage swimsuits to regular style swimsuits- fitting everyone's expectations. 

At Decathlon Sri Lanka, the swimming trunks for men, boys and babies varies based on usage and coverage. The swimming trunks are available in short length, mid-length and long length based on coverage and also from beginner to intermediate to competitive, based on usage. 

We also offer a variety of swimming costumes for ladies based on coverage. 

Dry yourself off with our swimming and bath towel and relax in a robe: Decathlon Sri Lanka has all of the swimming accessories and equipment’s in sri Lanka with best prices you’ll ever need, from floats to fins!



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