Explore new avenues of Fitness with Yoga and Pilates

With an increasing number of people recognising the need to adhere to a regular exercise routine to stay healthy, Yoga is emerging as a way to rejuvenate both the mind and the body. Pilates, like Yoga, is practised all over the world and works on strengthening your core, rather than just aiming for weight-loss.

Get ready to live healthily

If you have made up your mind to practise Yoga or Pilates, make sure you do so in comfort, by investing in Domyos yoga wear, apparel which is designed specially to make your yoga and pilates sessions fun and productive in sri lanka.

A wide range to choose from decathlon Sri Lanka

From t-shirts which allow your skin to breathe to yoga pants which stretch even for the most difficult asana, you are sure to find everything you need, and more, at Decathlon. Invest in a comfortable yoga mat and absorbent towel, or a handy sipper to make your session a comfortable one.

Key Features

High quality: Created from lightweight, stretchable fabric, the apparel for both Pilates and yoga is manufactured keeping your comfort in mind.

Specifically designed clothes: These clothes are specifically designed for workouts which involve a lot of stretching. The design for Pilate clothes is also created keeping the needs of the user in mind.

Absorbent Fabric: Soft and absorbent, these clothes keep you dry and fresh as you work out. Our yoga mats are made absorbent too, and prevent any chances of slipping and falling as you workout.

A complete sports store, Decathlon equips you to play any sport, or engage in any exercise which appeals to you. Shop online at Decathlon, and get Domyos products delivered to your doorstep, without any hassle!

In Sri Lanka best prices to find yoga pants, yoga mates and all types of accessories. Also you can buy online in sri lanka get your product delivered to your doorstep


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