Jump Up!

Bouncing exercises serve both the child in you and the health-concerned adult. Repetitive bouncing has various health benefits to people of all age groups. This device lets you burn calories without any impact based injuries. Decathlon enables you to buy Trampoline Online, keeping customers' needs in mind. At Decathlon Sri Lanka, you can buy gymnastic equipment with protective netting. Domyos offers trampoline with a wide jumping surface of 200-380 cm that lets you burn calories in complete safety.

Questions Which Will Help You Choose

The age group which will be using the trampoline majorly decides what kind of trampoline to go for. The location where the trampoline will be kept in is also an important factor to be considered. Indoor or outdoor placement should be kept in mind since the durability of the beds can be customised according to needs.

A Wide Range to Choose From Decathlon Battaramulla

With several funky, bright colours and design, Decathlon offers a broad collection of trampolines for you to choose from. Decathlon lets you buy Trampoline online in Sri Lanka with fast delivery and for the best prices.

Top Features

Springs: Springs form a vital part of this rebound exercise equipment. Shorter and fewer springs might result in accidents while a lot of spring hinders optimum performance. 96 to 80 springs can be considered ideal, depending on the trampoline size.

Trampoline Frame: A well-galvanised frame is desired, for the longevity of the trampoline. Standard four legged frames are considered ideal, which support standard trampoline sizes and spring distribution.

Beds: A durable and comfortable bed needs to be chosen since it makes the contact area with your body, and since it might have to survive harsh environmental conditions when placed outdoors. Polyamide and Polypropylene beds are popular choices these days, due to their durability and comfort.

Pad: Springs covering pads also adds to the safety and durability of the trampoline.

So log onto the Decathlon website today to choose from an array of designed trampolines, for your child, and for you!



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