Newfeel is one of the leading brands that focuses on developing products for walkers. We, at Newfeel, create a range of products, like Nordic poles, Nordic Walking Shoes & Race Walking Shoes, for your walker's feet.  Wearing Walking Shoes that are comfortable and fit your feet can help prevent injuries such as Blisters & calluses. 

At Newfeel, we are inspired to develop the best products so you get enjoyment out of walking, and our source of inspiration is you. We want you to fell the benefits of being in peak form just by natural body movements.


Product Listing:


Newfeel Walking Shoes: Wake your feet


Taking a daily walk is linked with overall good health and well-being of a person. In order to ensure these benefits, we at Newfeel strives to provide the best solutions for your needs. 

Whether you’re out walking near your home, in a park, or at a competition, we make shoes for everyday walking that are more focused on:


Flexibility: The sole of the walking shoes should be flexible enough so that it hits heel first.

Breathability: Walking shoes should be more breathable.

Cushioning: Walking shoes should have good cushioning which propose you to walk for a long-distance or for a  long time walk.

Easy to wear: Walking shoes should be easy to wear, it can be a Slip-on type or Strap type.

Superior Fit: Choosing a pair of walking shoes that fit snugly is of paramount importance. There should be enough room in the toe area and your feet shouldn't feel pinched especially at the heel or the ball.

Form: Lightweight and breathability are most important for a pleasurable walk too, and keeps your feet all warm and cozy.


Newfeel shoes are designed combining sport technology, style, and innovation.

Newfeel Walking Shoes For Kids: Feel free all-day


Choosing your child's shoes - does it have to be a headache? Not anymore! 

We, at Newfeel, design shoes keeping in mind the health of your child’s feet. Newfeel kids’ shoes are designed to be worn while: walking, playing school sports, and doing everyday activities. With Newfeel shoes, your kid will never complain about comfort and flexibility. 

Lightweight, water repellent, or easy to wear! You ask for it, and we have it all.


Check out our Black shoes for walking, which can also be used for casual as well as School purposes.

Why Newfeel?

We, at Newfeel, believe that fitness walking is a source of well-being and energy. Ever since it was set up, Newfeel provides the best products to your needs, for guaranteed fitness walking benefits.

We design and manufacture innovative equipment adapted to your pace, speed, motives and above all...to your walker’s feet.

And we are obsessed about designing top quality products, at the best price affordable to all.


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