Making sports accessible for all Sri Lanka.


It’s simple. Make the best products
and sell them at the best prices.

We believe in the benefits of sports. At Decathlon, every member of our team is driven to create innovative, quality, affordable sports equipment and products so as many people as possible, all around the world, can play more. We’ve changed the game by creating real value at true cost. And now, see how we’re rolling out state by state the Decathlon sports gear and products loved around the world.


Our Mission


We innovate to champion the athlete in everyone.

Whether a novice or an expert, we create for you. Whatever the barrier to participation, we innovate to overcome it. Everyone deserves the chance to take aim, hit the field or the slopes, climb, swim, ride or run farther than they did before.


Efficiency at every step.

By having brand design, innovation and customer service integrated, Decathlon realizes massive efficiencies. Efficiencies allows us to reduce waste and deliver high quality sporting goods efficiently and at a fair price.


Your happiness is guaranteed.

At Decathlon, we want to establish long term relationships with our customers. If you are unsatisfied with any product, bring it back. We’re not happy until you are.


We invest in people.

Sports are not possible without people. We pay our employees fair wages, provide excellent benefits and provide a clear path for growth. People matter the most. People are our most valuable resource.


High quality. Low prices.

Decathlon is focused on how we can give the most and charge the least—whether through reduced advertising and packaging or maximizing innovation and investing in our people. For 40 years, we have made sports accessible for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Come play with us.


Lifetime, not one time.

Our products are meant to encourage all people to play sports regardless of ability or status. The quality and price make it possible to afford all the items required to participate confidently. Our goal is to build a lifetime relationship with you. In fact, your happiness is our passion. Our strategy is to improve lives.


Are you paying for waste?

As part of our Sustainability Initiative, Decathlon only uses packaging when needed. This not only helps our planet, but produces savings for you.


We take responsibility for our actions.

Not only do we care about our customers' happiness, we care about the impact we are having on the rest of the world. We take our customers, our employees and society around us very seriously. We consciously choose our actions in order to produce a future that we believe is best for everyone on our planet.

Our Legacy


Game changing sports products since 1976

At the start, seven sports enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs met in a parking lot in Englos, France, and agreed to upend the way sports products and gear were made and sold. From the parking lot to the first store—opened in Lille, France in 1976 by Michel Leclercq—to our global presence today, we are united in a common mission and serve with common purpose and passion.


40 years of service

Vitality and responsibility are our guiding core values. Bursting with energy, enthusiasm and ideas, our team is driven to bring the benefits of sport to everyone. That ethos is balanced by deep responsibility: for ourselves, one another, the safety of our customers and the future of the planet.

The result is a company committed to its customers, to its team and to the planet and focused on making the sports way of life available to everyone.


Fueled by innovation.

Our Passion Brands each have a dedicated product development and design team made up of enthusiasts of a particular sport or groups of sports. Those teams are charged with research and development of innovative designs for all types of sportswear and sporting equipment, and responsible for dozens of patents every year.

With more than 70,000 happy team members from 80 different nationalities all fueled by a love of sport and a spirit of determination and innovation. Decathlon unites the world through sports.


Inspired by impact.

We’re happiest when we consider the impact of bringing more sports to more people. We’ve stayed relentlessly focused on making the best products for each sport, for novices and experts alike.

Decathlon has become one of the world's largest sporting goods retailers with more than 1,600 stores in 52 countries around the world. We have established 5 stores in Australia and we plan to continue our expansion in the long-term.


Global citizenship.

Beyond helping the world be better at sports, we’re constantly assessing how we can be better citizens and make the world a better place. A culture of accountability and fair, safe working conditions. Reduced packaging and stores accessible by public transport. Improving energy efficiency and optimizing storage and transport. Eco-design and environmental labeling.

We’re committed to fair play on the field and through all of our brands and retail formats. We believe in responsibility in economic and social terms, wherever the company is present. It’s how we create value in the long term—for our staff and shareholders but also for our customers and partners and, ultimately, for the planet. Learn more about our sustainable development commitments.


Worldwide philanthropy.

Sport has given us so much. We want to give back. For more than a decade, The Decathlon Foundation has worked to level the playing field by improving access to education, training and employment. We empower employees passionate about sport-based service through projects and partnerships. Whether at the annual Foundation Day or an ongoing project, we partner local team members with NGOs and other not-for-profit organisations to aid under-resourced areas.

It may mean we help renovate or build new sport grounds. Or, we get the right equipment and materials to the right people. We can help train the teachers and coaches a community needs. And, we’re thrilled some of the former beneficiaries are now part of the Decathlon family. This is how we live our values. Visit the Decathlon Foundation website.

Our Passion Brands


When work is play.

Whether a Decathlon team member works in product design or in a retail store, in France or in Australia, whatever our role, our life’s work is making sports available to more people. Luckily, we have a great time doing it.


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